IPLodB Map

The vision of the linked open data (LOD) is that all data available on the Web will be treated and researched as one database with the aim to share and reuse existing data. Yet, this promise of LOD remains unfulfilled.

To this end, we engaged in constructing a specific map of LOD databases covering IP data and other relevant innovation data. The map is EP LOD-centric, meaning that it puts the EP LOD data at the center. EP LOD contains high quality data on patents, including information on inventors, the applicants and technologies. Another strong node inside the map is the SN SciGraph - in itself the largest database containing scientific data published in the LOD format.

From there we constructed the whole map landscape, including several collection types: patent databases, publication databases, grants datasets, databases containing information on entities (organisations), technology datasets, as well as geographical and wiki data. By so doing, we aim to provide assistance when connecting IP databases and exploiting data from this LOD web ‘brochure’; fulfilling its promise of providing rich and self-describing relations.