IPLodB Endpoints' Counters

The datasets in the LOD cloud are dynamic. LOD datasets regularly undergo changes on both the instance level (i.e. triples) and the schema level (i.e. classes). We provide information on changes in absolute numbers, percentage changes and cumulative changes, as well as the type of errors occurring. We have started a stable testing from June 1st. Prior attempts were more sporadic in nature, hence we do not include any results from the period before

Accessibility of LOD databases is often criticized as insufficient; hence we provide information on availability for the databases included in the IPLOD map. Treemap represents the most current status of databases’ SPARQL endpoints. We also present the data for the last 30 days for databases overall as well as for individual databases. Longer data span is available upon request. By hovering over the database on the treemap user can see test results for the most recent test run, by filtering specific databases only results for the filtered database can be seen as well as potential source of errors causing test to fail.