IPLodB Endpoints' Pinging

Accessibility of LOD databases is often criticized as insufficient; hence we provide information on availability for the databases included in the IPLOD map. By hovering over the database on the treemap user can see test results for the most recent test run. We also provide data for the last 30 days for databases overall as well as for individual databases. Longer data span is available upon request. Furthermore, by pinging the database home site we are checking whether it is alive. We do that by checking the regular HTTP connection databases’ home link with the Java Http client. We mark whether the site is alive (HTTP code 200 OK) or not (also providing the error trype). We run tests four times each day, results are presented with three different graphs. In the first graph results for the most recent test are shown, in the second graph results for all tests in the last 30 days are shown as percentage of active and not active database's home sites, in the third graph results with percentages of home link activity are shown for all tests and for each database. Longer data span is available upon request.