Dolores Modic, PhD

Dolores is a Researcher at NORD University Business School in Norway. She is the principal investigator of the IP LODB project as well as is currently a team member in another multi-national patent informatics project, the KnowING IPR. Her background is law.

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Ana Hafner, PhD

Ana has worked for many years in the field of IP, and has been Member of Executive Community of International Federation of Inventors’ Associations and President of Council of Association of Slovenian Inventors (ASI). She brings to the project her practical experience with patents and IP information search.

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Alan Johnson, PhD

Alan is affiliated both with Lund University in Sweden and with Nord University in Norway. He is the research design guru, being particularly interested in disambiguation and database alignment.

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Borut Lužar, PhD

Borut is an Associate professor at Faculty of Information Studies in Slovenia, but has worked as an IT developer for many years. He brings to this project the IT skills required as well as his knowledge in exploration of networks.

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Borut Rožac, MSc

Borut comes from the private sector and his present work is related to applications development and big data. He is also in charge of the visualisations.

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Miha Vučkovič, MSc

Miha joined our team a bit later, but he is the one who developed several disambiguation solutions for EPO data.

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Einar A. Rasmussen, PhD

Nord University Business School, Bodø, Norway

Einar is a Professor of Technology Management and Head of the Division of Innovation and Entrepreneurship at Nord University Business School, Norway. He plays a supportive role and is in charge of quality assurance for the project.

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The team would like to acknowledge the work on graphic elements by Sara Modic.