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Backhaus, Heinz

IPLodB ID: 6edc6455-b642-0830-74f0-1cb637bdd777
Date Aligned: 09. 01. 2021
Version: 130

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  • EPO Inventor: Backhaus, Heinz
    ID: 6edc6455-b642-0830-74f0-1cb637bdd777
    Last name: Backhaus First name: Heinz Gender: Male Activity years between: 2000 and 2011 * Similarities through collaboration * Coinventors: schmidt, manfred van den bergh, rudyc/o agfa-gevaert n v , van limbergen, jurgen,c/o agfa-gevaert n v , von stein, florian widemann, ernst Coagents: linsmeier, josef Coapplicants: agfa healthcare agfa healthcare nv agfa-gevaert agfa-gevaert n.v. * Similarities through location * EPO NUTS: DE21I EPO Person Addresses: EICHEWEG 9,86529 SCHROBENHAUSEN EICHEWEG 9 Countries: GERMANY Cities: schrobenhausen Geocodes: 2836084 * Similarities through content * Publications: a cassette assembly for use with roentgen apparatus with automatic exposure control device and system for reading out x-ray information stored in storage phosphor plates and luminescent material storage plate CPC codes: G01 G03 PatentFamilies: 46750278 8171696

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