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Backhaus, E Yu

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  • SciGraph Author: Backhaus, E. Yu.
    ID: sg:person.011357545441.34
    Last name: Backhaus First name: E Yu Gender: Unknown Activity years between: 1997 and 1997 * Similarities through collaboration * Coauthors: backhaus, s. * Similarities through location * Springer Affiliations: physics department, university of california, 94720, berkeley, california, usa university of california, berkeley Countries: USA UNITED STATES Cities: california berkeley Geocodes: 4350049 5327684 * Similarities through content * Journals: journal of low temperature physics Publications: thermoviscous effects in steady and oscillating flow of an isotropic superfluid: theory Keywords: dissipative forces gyroscopic effects normal fluid flow oscillating flow paper extends superfluid flow experiments thermal effects thermoviscous effects work takes