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Backhaus, Friedrich

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  • SciGraph Author: Backhaus, F.
    ID: sg:person.015755400077.31
    Last name: Backhaus First name: Friedrich Gender: Male Activity years between: 1978 and 1997 * Similarities through collaboration * Coauthors: burow, mechthild byrne, a. r. froning, m. gangadharan, s. horvat, milena kettrup, a. a. kratzer, k. mohl, c. nurnberg, h. w. ostapczuk, p. oxynos, k. parr, r. m. rossbach, m. schladot, j. d. schladot, johann-diedrich schmitzer, j. stoeppler, m. stone, s. f. zeisler, rolf * Similarities through location * Springer Affiliations: institute of applied physical chemistry, research centre julich, kfa, p.o. box 1913, w-5170, julich, federal republic of germany nuclear research center (kfa), institute of chemistry, institute 4 applied physical chemistry, p.o.b. 1913, d-5170, julich, federal republic germany research centre kfa, institute for applied physical chemistry, julich, germany institute of chemistry, institute 4, applied physical chemistry, nuclear research centre (kfa), p.o. box 1913, d-5170, juelich, germany institut fur angewandte physikalische chemie (ipc), forschungszentrum julich, d-52425 julich, germany institute of applied physical chemistry, kfa julich, p.o. box 1913, w-5170, julich, federal republic of germany chemistry department, institute of applied physical chemistry, nuclear research center (kfa), julich, federal republic of germany forschungszentrum julich EPO NUTS: DEA26 Countries: FEDERAL REPUBLIC OF GERMANY FEDERAL REPUBLIC GERMANY GERMANY Cities: julich Geocodes: 2894553 * Similarities through content * Journals: journal of analytical chemistry Publications: characterisation of chlorinated hydrocarbons in a third generation candidate fish reference material (limanda limanda) prepared under cryogenic conditions collection, preparation and characterization of fresh, marine candidate reference materials of the german environmental specimen bank collection, preparation and long-term storage of marine samples concept and operational experiences of the pilot environmental specimen bank program in the federal republic of germany environmental specimen banking and monitoring as related to banking marine proben fur die umweltprobenbank pretreatment studies with biological and environmental materials probennahme und aufschluß production of hair intercomparison materials for use in population monitoring programmes for mercury and methylmercury exposure sampling and sample preparation specimen banking the common mussel (mytilus edulis) as marine bioindicator for the environmental specimen bank of the federal republic of germany Keywords: environmental specimen bank german environmental specimen bank north sea

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