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IPLodB ID: a1144110-19f0-2143-350a-51f8db6385c7
Date Aligned: 09. 01. 2021
Version: 130

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  • EPO Inventor: BACKHAUS, George
    ID: a1144110-19f0-2143-350a-51f8db6385c7
    Last name: BACKHAUS First name: George Gender: Unknown Activity years between: 2013 and 2013 * Similarities through collaboration * Coinventors: gandhi, jingnesh gonzalez, julio green, john lowman, philip rubenstein, paul speanburg, mike Coagents: fresh ip Coapplicants: gonzalez, julio movius interactive corporation * Similarities through location * EPO NUTS: EPO Person Addresses: 6630 STERLING DRIVE,SUWANEE, GA 30024 6630 STERLING DRIVE Countries: UNITED STATES OF AMERICA Cities: suwanee Geocodes: 4225309 * Similarities through content * Publications: system and method for provision of a second line service to a telecommunications device PatentFamilies:

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