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Backhaus, Horst

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  • SciGraph Author: Backhaus, Horst
    ID: sg:person.01124412601.70
    Last name: Backhaus First name: Horst Gender: Male Activity years between: 1973 and 1982 * Similarities through collaboration * Coauthors: schmieger, h. * Similarities through location * Springer Affiliations: genetisches institut der universitat munchen, maria-ward-str. 1a, d-8000, munchen 19, federal republic of germany genetisches institut der universitat munchen, munchen, germany institut fur genetik der universitat munchen, munchen, germany institut fur mikrobiologie der gsf, gottingen abt. molekulare genetik, institut fur mikrobiologie der gesellschaft fur strahlen- und umweltforschung, gottingen, germany institut fur genetik und mikrobiologie der universitat munchen, maria-ward-strasse 1 a, d-8000, munchen 19, federal republic of germany ludwig maximilian university of munich EPO NUTS: DE21H Countries: FEDERAL REPUBLIC OF GERMANY GERMANY GÖTTINGEN Cities: munich gottingen Geocodes: 2867714 2918632 * Similarities through content * Journals: molecular genetics and genomics Publications: altered cotransduction frequencies exhibited by ht-mutants of salmonella-phage p22 bacterial dna synthesized under phage control in a dna-defective salmonella-mutant and packaged into a special fraction of transducing particles of phage p22 replication and maturation of phage p22 in a mutant of salmonella typhimurium temperature sensitive in initiation of dna replication the origin of dna in transducing particles in p22-mutants with increased transduction-frequencies (ht-mutants) the origin of the dna in a special class of generalized transducing particles of salmonella-phage p22 the packaging initiation site of phage p22 Keywords: high temperature mutants phage p22 salmonella chromosome transducing particles