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IPLodB ID: f72c76e2-16bc-3cf8-8afd-ffbea8017911
Date Aligned: 09. 01. 2021
Version: 130

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  • EPO Inventor: BACKHAUS, Erik
    ID: f72c76e2-16bc-3cf8-8afd-ffbea8017911
    Last name: BACKHAUS First name: Erik Gender: Male Activity years between: 2013 and 2013 * Similarities through collaboration * Coinventors: kuehn, justin laundrie, david nelson, bill o'flahrity, michael Coagents: dr. weitzel & partner Coapplicants: franklin fueling systems, inc. * Similarities through location * EPO NUTS: EPO Person Addresses: 1608 PLEASANT VIEW DRIVE,WISCONSIN DELLS, WI 53563 1608 PLEASANT VIEW DRIVE Countries: UNITED STATES OF AMERICA Cities: concord Geocodes: 5084868 * Similarities through content * Publications: overfill prevention valve CPC codes: B67 F16 G05 Y10 PatentFamilies: 49213114

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