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Backhaus, Andreas

IPLodB ID: fb84a990-bfb0-e8b7-fbf0-59240d03fc29
Date Aligned: 09. 01. 2021
Version: 130

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  • EPO Inventor: Backhaus, Andreas
    ID: fb84a990-bfb0-e8b7-fbf0-59240d03fc29
    Last name: Backhaus First name: Andreas Gender: Male Activity years between: 2009 and 2009 * Similarities through collaboration * Coagents: lavoix lieb, fabian Coapplicants: alstom transport sa alstom transport technologies * Similarities through location * EPO NUTS: DE91B EPO Person Addresses: ROSEGGERWEG 34,38304 WOLFENBÜFFEL ROSEGGERWEG 34 Countries: GERMANY Cities: wolfen Geocodes: 2806919 * Similarities through content * Publications: method for protecting the fresh water system of a vehicle from freezing CPC codes: B61 PatentFamilies: 41728430

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